Fanon characters

Daijirou – だいじろう

Daijirou is Ferio’s identical twin brother, apparently. He likes to dress in black and dyes the ends of his hair accordingly. He speaks with an Osakan dialect and has never learned to write in kanji.

Makoto – 誠

Makoto is Ferio’s (and sometimes, Daijirou’s) father. He is usually a doctor or a writer/actor/musician. He is fairly tall and has dark blue hair, and occasionally wears glasses.

Phoenix – フェニックス

Phoenix is Ferio’s (and sometimes, Daijirou’s) mother. It is implied that there is quite an age gap between Makoto and Phoenix. She is from the Californian wine-making family, the Fetzers. Her married name is Phoenix Fetzer-Itari. Phoenix is very pretty – the genetic source of Emeraude’s beauty – and has strawberry blonde hair.

Shigeru – 茂

“Shigsy” is Makoto’s younger brother. He is always full of energy. He wears glasses, is a good deal shorter than his brother, and has longer, messy hair, which he ties into a ponytail. He and Yuma are often the adoptive parents of Ferio, Daijirou and Emeraude in Makoto and Phoenix’s absences.

Yuma – ゆま

Yuma is Shigeru’s wife. She runs an Italian cafe and is sometimes the adoptive mother of her in-laws’ children. More mature than Shigeru, it is not often clear why they are married at all. She tends to dye her hair a vibrant ginger.

Lukida – ルキダ

Luki is the adopted daughter of Shigeru and Yuma. She is albino. She is often good friends with Fuu, and defended fiercely by her cousins Ferio and Daijirou.