Fuu/Ferio Week – Gift

Fuu had been agonising for weeks over two things.

The most pressing matter, really, at the moment – or rather, the one she’d most like to think about right now – was that a certain prince had his coronation coming up in a few days’ time, and it was apparently customary for foreign delegates to present a gift to the new sovereign. The Magic Knights had agreed between them that they were indeed the most foreign of the visitors to the New Cephiro castle, and that they should bring something from their home country.

“It’s okay for you, Umi-san, Hikaru-san,” Fuu had said, in a tone the other two considered more stressed than the situation warranted, “You’re Ferio’s friends. I’m his fiancée, so I have to give him the best gift. I can’t think of anything on Earth that could possibly be good enough for this situation.”

“Don’t worry so much, Fuu-chan!” Hikaru had replied, “I’m sure Ferio will be pleased with anything you give him!”

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Rev makes a start on Chapter 14

I haven’t started writing Chapter 14 of Last Train Home yet, and that just wasn’t good enough for Rev.

It had been six months since the inevitably old tradition of drinking too much and having a punch up at a wedding had been set and the still blissfully happy newly weds were strolling around the palace gardens, because this is what happily married people do, I guess. When suddenly a wild Kuu appeared.

“What? How did you get here?” said Fuu

“Oh, I’m a main character now, didn’t you hear.” Kuu replied, “and since Mokona saved me from the Slenderman that one time, we’ve been getting to know each other and now we’re going to the new Starbucks in Castletown that Mokona set up.”


“I’m going to have a vanilla latté” and then Kuu flounced off into the distance.

Fuu sighed, “I’m really beginning to regret Kuu coming here in the first place.”

“Check your privilege!” said Ferio, angrily. “My sister is dead!” and then he also flounced off into the distance sobbing.

Some plot points later, Fuu attempted to find Ferio, he probably had forgotten the whole dead sister thing by now, and if not, she could always flash him a bit of boob. She came across Guru Clef first, he was a grown man now, as apparently sexy school children did not pull any ladies, he was clutching a Starbucks takeout cup in one hand and had a Macbook tucked under his other arm.

“Clef-san, I don’t suppose you’ve seen Ferio anywhere?”

Clef shook his head, “I’ve been in Starbucks, writing.”  He then peered down his nose at Fuu, “why are you wearing a ceremonial Pillarmas dress? That’s a bit appropriative.”

“You’re one to talk, why are you wearing glasses all of a sudden?”

Clef pushed his newly acquired glasses up his nose, “oh these? Skrillex started going on about being paid, so I sent him back to Earth in a hurry and he lost his glasses.”

“That’s not really an explanation-”

“I had to take the glass out though, I couldn’t see shit”

“Right.” It was only a matter a time before Clef discovered Instagram, check shirts and menthol cigarettes. Fuu left him to it.

Rev’s accompaniment to Chapter 13

>> Original Chapter 13 published by Camisado <<

What you are seeing below is what Rev added to my Google Doc when I was writing.

“Now please welcome our musical guest for your entertainment this evening, Skrillex!” Clef gestured to a corner where a man with thick rimmed glasses and an interesting haircut looked very disgruntled.

“This is a gross misuse of the Power of Will, Guru” Lantis said quietly.

Clef shrugged, “two of The Beatles are dead, what else was I supposed to do?”

The evening progressed without much further incident, Fuu and Ferio had their first dance to the soothing tones of Bangarang. It wasn’t quite the ever-so-romantic slow dance Fuu had been hoping for but more of an awkward shuffle. And Skrillex was becoming increasingly angrily turning down requests (“No, lady, I don’t care if you can summon a water robot dragon god, I’m not going to play Gangnam Style, so kindly fuck off”).

“I’m beginning to question the wisdom of summoning Skrillex here,” Clef said to no one in particular, as he made his way through his third bottle of wine that evening (“Three for £10 at Asda!” he had told the budgeting committee).

“Heyyyy guyyyyyys,” came an onimous voice from behind Clef, “can I be part of the wedding?”

Clef turned back and attempted to look the newcomer dead in the eyes, this turned out to be more difficult than anticipated as the new guy had no face. Clef turned back round, “Mokona! Get the shotgun!”

“Puu puu, motherfucker.”

What happened in those next few will probably permanently etched into the collective consciousness of Cephiro. In fact, in a few years down the line the phrase “to pull a Mokona” turned from ‘to pull a complete dick move’ to ‘be a complete badass’.