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Fuu/Ferio Week – Gift

Fuu had been agonising for weeks over two things.

The most pressing matter, really, at the moment – or rather, the one she’d most like to think about right now – was that a certain prince had his coronation coming up in a few days’ time, and it was apparently customary for foreign delegates to present a gift to the new sovereign. The Magic Knights had agreed between them that they were indeed the most foreign of the visitors to the New Cephiro castle, and that they should bring something from their home country.

“It’s okay for you, Umi-san, Hikaru-san,” Fuu had said, in a tone the other two considered more stressed than the situation warranted, “You’re Ferio’s friends. I’m his fiancée, so I have to give him the best gift. I can’t think of anything on Earth that could possibly be good enough for this situation.”

“Don’t worry so much, Fuu-chan!” Hikaru had replied, “I’m sure Ferio will be pleased with anything you give him!”

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