Should Have Wished For Unicorns!

Q: Who the hell are you guys?

A: We’re Camisado and Rev(olutionären), two English girls in their early-to-mid-twenties who met online about ten years ago (when, children, we had this thing called dial-up) thanks to Magic Knight Rayearth and became the best of friends. Rayearth is friendship!

Q: The name of this site is weird. What does it have to do with Magic Knight Rayearth?

A: Well, you see, Rev and I were watching Rayearth all the way through together for the first time, and there’s an episode in series two where the Magic Knights are protecting the children in the castle from the monsters manifesting from the fear in their hearts. When the monsters kept coming, Rev took it upon herself to exclaim “you should have wished for unicorns!” at the children, and it’s been our in-joke ever since.

Q: This website is kinda empty and the theme seems a bit unfinished in places…

A: Shhh, kind visitor, Camisado is still working on it. Yes, since 2010. She’s easily distracted. In the meantime, you might consider joining us at our friend Milieva’s “Cephiro” forums.